Lam Echaml Activities 2011-219

LAM ECHAML ACTIVITES (english) (Autosaved)

“Hands Off Our Artists”

Film screening of “Ni Allah, ni maître” by Nadia El Fani, “En attendant Abou Zayd” by Mohamed Ali Attassi, followed by testimonies from artists who had experienced assaults.

Location :  AfricART movie theater– Date : 26 June 2011

Amazight new year celebration

Since 2013 and every year since, Lam Echaml celebrates the Amazight new year by organizing cultural activities in partnership with Amazighs associations and particulary “Twiza” association.

Celebration of the anniversary of the tunisian revolution

Each year, on the anniversary of the tunisian revolution of the 14th of January, Lam Echaml participates to the different public demonstrations that take place.

“Forum Social Mondial”

Lam Echaml participated to the “Forum Social Mondial” in 2013 and 2015.

Date: 26 to 30 march 2013 in Tunis

Date : 24 to 28 march 2015 in Tunis

“Theatrical Day” at Thibar’s primary school

19 November 2016 in Thibar


Lam Echaml’s Saturdays

Meetings are organized every last Saturday of the month, with the aim of initiating debates, preferably contraversial, about democratic transition and the multiple issues it raises, either for justice, education, media, women, or local and regional developement.

  • 1st meeting: Comparative approach of the transition in Egypt and in Tunisia

  • 2nd meeting: Tunisia after 14/01- peaceful transition or brutal change?

3rd meeting: 26 January 78 and afterwards: testimonies and readings.

Colloquium: “Transitional Justice, Human rights and reconciliation”

Organization of an international colloquium on : “Transitional Justice, Human rights and reconciliation” in partnership with YIHR CRO (Youth Initiative for HumanRights – Croatia).

Date: 12 to 15 June 2015- Location: Ibn Khaldoun Hotel in Tunis.

Meeting : “Perspectives on decentralization, local democracy and development”

Organization of an international meeting on: “Perspectives on decentralization, local democracy and development” as part of “Vox-in-Box” and “AGENS 3D” projects.

Date: 23 to 25 October 2015- Location: Africa Hotel, Tunis

Meeting: “Mediterranean Charter for democracy and local autonomy” 

Organization of an international meeting to discuss the : ” Mediterranean Charter for democracy and local autonomy” – CHARMEDAL, with the participation of the LADDER project members, the ALDA association (Association of Local DemocracyAgencies), actors of the tunisian civil society as well as political parties.

Date: 29 April 2016 – Location: DIPLOMAT hotel, Tunis.

Meeting: “Circular Migration: exchange of views”

Organization of an international meeting on : « Circular Migration: exchange of views », in partnership with ARLEM (Assemblée Régionale et Locale Euro-Méditerranéenne) and ALDA

Date: 19 october 2016 – Location: DIPLOMAT hotel

Meeting: “Local democracy and good practices by the two Mediterranean shores.”

Organization of an international meeting on: « Local democracy and good practices by the two Mediterranean shores », as part of the LADDER project, in partnership with ALDA, COPPEM

Date: 19-20-21 October 2019 – Location: Ibn Khaldoun hotel, Tunis

Meeting : “Local Governance and Democratic Process in Tunisia”

Donors : Euro-Mediterranean Institute
Partners : Friuli Venezia region & Euro-Mediterranenan Institute of Trieste
Project period : 06 months – From 1st january 2016 to 30th of June 2016
Project goals : Train members of civil society organizations and local authorities to get them involved in the good practices of local governance, in order to strengthen the dialogue between them.

Meeting: “A national charter for local and participative democracy”

A workshop to elaborate and ratify a “National “National charter for local and participative democracy” took place, as part of the LADDER project.

Date: 25 March 2017- Location: Diplomat hotel, Tunis

 “Med Path Meeting”

Meeting of a working group “Med Path meeting” as part of the LADDER project, to finalize the Charter CHARMEDAL,

Date: 26-27 April 2017- Location: Kairouan

Nobel Peace Prize of the Quatuor

Organization of a visit to Trieste in 9 April, together with Lam Echaml, the Quatuor and the region of Friuli Venezia, in order to pay tribute to the role played by civil society, as well as the Quatuor, for the success of the democratic process in Tunisia.

“Job Shadowing” between Progettarte association and Lam Echaml

Implementation of a “Job Shadowing” programme between  Lam Echaml and Progettarte, as part of the LADDER project, 16 November 2017

  • Summer University in Tabarka, July 2011

  • Summer University in Mahdia -7-8 et 9 september 2012

  • Summer University in Bizerte- 6-7 and 8 september 2013

  • Summer University in Monastir- 31 october 2014 to 02 november 2014


During these days, members of the 24 regional clubs of Lam Echaml meet with the members of the executive board to program the next activities.

“Beautify and clean up the school”, School in Beja, Thibar, in Habib Bourguiba Avenue, May 2015

“Warm Winter” in Thibar, Beja, in partnership with the Red Crescent in Tunis & LTR Youth Club, 10 January 2016.

 “Support for children from 3 primary schools in Thibar and Djebba”, in partnership with “Dar El-Mourabbi” and financed by Atlantis Voyages, Abderrazek family, Masmoudi library and LAMECHAML. 17th September 2016 ans 1st October 2016,

“Building of a theater at the primary school Djebba 1, 25th May 1938”. On the 18,19 et 20 November 2016, with LAM ECHAML

” Action: “Solidarity- Back to school 2017/2018” For children in need, from the primary schools of Zaghouan, Kebili, Beja, Gabes, Bizerte and Sidi Bouzid,  after  a Lam Echaml’s call for donations.


  • Active involvement in the figs festival (Festival des Figues) in Djebba, July 2017
  • Creation of a green space with facilities for families in 2017
  • Beautifying and cleaning a school in Thibar, 19/11/2016


  • Cleaning up action and promoting selective recycling, as part of the campaign: “Clean up your country for your children” in Bizerte on 10/09/2017
  • Conference organization on “The role of civil society in local governance” in partnership with the association “We love Bizerte”, PASC and Bizerte municipality, on 26/08/2017
  • Participation in the workshop “Participation guide in the municipal action”, in Bizerte.


  • Participation in the workshop on the municipal elections, at Jughurta hotel in Gafsa, from 19 to 22 October 2017.
  • Signature of a partnership between Lam Echaml Gabes, the municipality of Gabes and CHAHED observatory, for undertaking different activities related to raising awarness among youth and women, as well as to strengthen links between the municipality and the civil society, as part of a role model of a local governance experience.
  • Raising awarness of municipal affairs in weekly souks (/markets), festivals and public spaces. A concert of the singer Yasser Jradi also took place as part of the campaign promoting citizens to register for municipal elections, August, 2017, in Gabes.
  • Participation to a training program around violence against women, with the support of CREDIF, in Gaves. April and May 2017.


  • Awarness campaign on municipal elections and conducting simulations of the voting process
  • Awarness campaign on decentralization. Distribution of handbooks about the participation in municipal actions. February and March 2017


  • Participation in the workshops of the colloquium on local development in Haffouz, on the 14th May 2017


  • Participation to a debate about the project of an organic HAICA law, on April, 14th, 2017


  • Action de sensibilisation des élèves et opérations de simulations d’élections dans le cadre de la campagne de préparation pour les élections municipales au Lycée Hammouda Pacha de La Manouba
  • Campagne de sensibilisation autour des dangers de la drogue à Oued Ellil en 2017
  • Activités d’animation et de divertissement pour les orphelins à la Maison des Orphelins de La Manouba le 12/05/2017


  • Active involvement in the unprecedented regional meeting on governance and elections, 28-29-30/04/2017
  • Organization of an international exhibition of photography in Ghomrassen and Sammar, from 4 to 7 May 2017


  • Beautifying and cleaning up a primary school in Sabbela, Sidi Bouzid


  • Participation to the festival of the Tunisian Heritage Month (mois du patrimoine) and
  • Participation au festival du mois du patrimoine and flyers distribution, 14/05/201
  • Campaign to raise awarness of registration and participation to the municipality elections, July 2017