More than eight years have gone by since the tunisian revolution occured which has incited hope and dreams within the popular mass and has served as a model for neighbouring countries and for the different peoples of the Arab world.

However, today, we cannot ignore the feelings of frustration, spite and anger that have taken hold of the majority of citizens despite some minor reforms that have been achieved.

Therefore, we estimate that political meetings, in the short and long term require vigilance and a combination of efforts in order to thwart the belief that there is no alternative for the actual political situation.

Facing this situation, the civil society is under a big responsibility. The civil society must take the initiative of a true counter-project to end the current deadlock and to meet the expectations and aspirations of citizens.

Thus this text is addressed to all members of civil society and to all those who heartily seek to build a project that brings into reality the slogans of the revolution: dignity, liberty and justice.

We thus invite all associations and independent individuals from all the regions of the country to engage in a dialogue to build a movement capable of facing the current and future challenges and to implement a programme of action of civil society to be ready for future social and political meetings.

Professor Moncef Ben Slimane

President of Lam Echaml