Training of 24 trainers in civic and electoral education: 20-23 / 09/2018

Lam Echaml is organizing a training workshop for 24 trainers in capacity building on citizenship, active participation and voter education.
Participants will be selected from those who already have experience with regional roots and local outreach.
The participants will have several tasks including that of the regional coordination. Indeed, they will have to choose and select educators and train them, organize a calendar of local activities, contact local authorities and organize various actions and campaigns of education and awareness.
It is about our education project in the context of electoral processes. First, there is the concept of “voter education”, which refers to what election management bodies do when they inform voters about how to deal with the aspects of voter education. election techniques, including registration and voting. Then there is the notion of “civic education”, which often has a broader meaning, because it aims to perfect the knowledge of the population regarding the principles and characteristics of the government, its political system and the place of elections.
The training will last 4 days. Each day is divided into 4 sessions each animated by a trainer.
Each session includes a theoretical part, a production part and a presentation in addition to the conclusion. Different facilitation techniques must alternate (role play, brainstorming, debate, presentation …).